PGDrive Documentation


Welcome to the PGDrive documentation. PGDrive is an open-ended driving simulator with infinite scenes. The key features of PGDrive includes:

  • Lightweight: Extremely easy to download, install and run in almost all platform.

  • Realistic: Accurate physics simulation and multiple sensory input including RGB camera, Lidar and sensory data.

  • Efficient: Up to 500 simulation step per second.

  • Open-ended: Support generating infinite scenes and configuring various traffic, vehicle, and environmental settings.

This documentation let you get familiar with the installation and basic utilization of PGDrive. Please go through Installing PGDrive to install PGDrive and try the examples in Getting Start with PGDrive to enjoy PGDrive!

Interesting experiment results can be found in our paper. You can also visit our webpage and GitHub repo! Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or ideas!

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